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How to stop all other started timers when staff member try to start new timer?

By default Perfex CRM does not stop the timers (if any) when new task timer is started.

If you want only 1 timer to count the time go to Setup->Settings->Misc->Tasks and set Stop all other started timers when starting new timer to NO.

My staff members are able to see all projects, how to fix this?

If your staff member are able to see all projects make sure that the member dont have permissions for projects VIEW.

VIEW allows staff member to see ALL projects. If you only want them to see projects they are assigned (added as members), do not give VIEW permissions.

Server cant read the custom PDF logo image? TCPDF ERROR: [Image] Unable to get the size of the image

On some servers direct reading the image is not allowed.

Can happen while you use custom pdf logo url to receive the following error:
TCPDF ERROR: [Image] Unable to get the size of the image

To fix this you need to use direct path to the image to include in the PDF.

Upload the image in the folder where Perfex CRM is installed eq. mylogo.jpg

Go to Setup -> Settings -> PDF -> Custom PDF Company Logo URL and only add mylogo.jpg

Custom PDF logo image

Note: the logo image must be in the folder where Perfex CRM is installed.

Staff members not receiving emails when new ticket is created from the customers area.

If you are experiencing this problem make sure that your/other staff members belongs to the department which this ticket is assigned.

Only the staff member that belongs to the department where the ticket is created receive email notifications.


How to allow access to tickets to non-staff members?

By default access to tickets to none staff members will be disalowed.

If you need want to allow access go to Setup->Settings->Tickets and set Allow access to tickets for none staff members to YES

What will happen after i convert the lead to client?

After you convert the lead to client the lead will be auto moved to the default system status Client if is not already there.

Make sure you dont rename the default system status Client to something else to avoid confusions.


Does none admin staff member will be able to see all media library uploads?

If the logged staff member is not administrator wont be able to see all media library data.

Each staff member have separate folder inside the media/ folder in your server except the administrators.

The attachments the none admin staff member upload will go to their own folder.

In future if you make this staff member admin then will be able to see all media uploads.

How contact permissions works?

The contact permission are connected with the clients features and takes effect inside the admin area actions.

Ex. If the contact dont have permission invoices wont be able to see/access invoices when this contact is logged in inside the clients area.

When sending invoice related email from CRON (overdue notice, renewed recuring invoice etc..) will sent to all contacts who have permission invoices.

When trying to send the invoice to contact manualy if there is multiple contacts found and all these contacts have permission Invoices will be auto selected for sending. If  you dont want to send to all contacts you can easily deselect. This will work only when sending the invoice manualy, when the invoice will be sent from CRON will be sent to all contacts who have permission Invoices.

Another example is for the Contracts feature. When sending contract expiry notice from CRON will sent to all contacts who have permission Contracts.

NOTE: Only primary contact can edit the company details in the clients area.

Make sure you set appropriate permissions.

How to hide the Help menu item?

To hide the help menu item navigate to Setup->Settings->Misc and set Show help menu item on setup menu to NO

How to disalow project members to see all project tasks?

By the default all project related tasks are visible to all project members.
If you want only to show the tasks where the staff member is assigned/added as follower you need to turn off Allow all staff to see all tasks related to projects

To achieve this go to Setup->Settings->Misc->Tasks and set Allow all staff to see all tasks related to projects to NO

What is non-staff member?

Non staff member is feature in Perfex which allow you to have member like contractor worker and work on projects.

Some area of the CRM is disabled for non staff members.

Here is a list of the disabled features for non staff member.

  1. Announcements
  2. Newsfeed wall
  3. Leads
  4. Support – Default is NO you can adjust this for your needs at Setup->Settings->Tickets
  5. Public Calendar Events
  6. Google Calendar Events

You can add if you want other Permissions to this staff member like Invoice [VIEW] permission and this staff member will be able to access.

Why table exporting only export the current page?

The export from the table works like this way only the current view so if a lot data is found in the database to prevent crash thats how the datatables export work.

You will need to export by page.
There is a tricky for this if you want to export change the Tables pagination limit in settings ex. to 1000 Settings->General -> Tables Pagination Limit and you will be able to export the data.

When list any table you can see how much records is in there ex. Showing 1 to 50 of 800 invoices set the settings field to 800 and in this case you will be able to export all the data.


From version 1.0.9 you can select total rows from the table on the top left dropdown. This will solve the export problem. You just need to switch to All and wait to load all the data from database. After that try to export.