Why i cant delete estimate/invoice?

There is protection implemented to keep the numbers without gaps.

Please go to Setup->Settings->Finance and set to NO Delete estimate allowed only on last estimate and Decrement estimate number on delete.

Repeat the same process for invoices if needed.

Online payment modes not appearing on invoice?

  1. Make sure that you have checked the payment mode for this invoice.

Paypal Payment Mode for invoice

2. Make sure that the invoice currency matches the coma separated currencies in Setup->Settings->Online Payment Modes

How to record transaction in other currency then the base currency?

Perfex CRM by default record all transactions (invoices,estimates,expenses,proposals) in the base currency.
Changing the currency while recording a transaction is not possible.

If you need to record the transaction in different currency you need to set customer currency.

Navigate to Customers-> Click on the customer and set currency in the customer profile, note that if the customer have already recorded transactions you wont be able to change the currency. You need to delete all previous transactions to change the currency. Once the transaction is recorded ability to change the customer currency will be disabled.


Try creating new eq. invoice and select the customer the currency will be auto changed based on the currency you set for this customer.

For all future transactions for this customer the customer currency will be auto selected.

Why i get Security header not valid when setting up Paypal?

This can happen by few reasons

  1. You have setup LIVE credentials and you have turned Test mode to ON. If you want to test you need to set TEST credentials and have Paypal Sandbox Account
  2. You have white spaces in your credentials. Ex.               api_username_1a242jdj2455 – You see how much whitespaces after the Ex.
  3. You put wrong API credential in wrong place ex. API Signature data you put in the API Username field inside Perfex CRM Paypal fields.