How to check what version i’m using?

To check your version navigate to application/config/migration.php and find $config[‘migration_version’] or go to Setup->Settings->General and to see your installation version (V.X.X.X);

How to reset my password from phpmyadmin?

If you stuck with reseting your password from the UI you have an option to reset your password from phpmyadmin by paste a simple hash to your user database row.

  1. Login to cPanel
  2. Click on the phpmyadmin icon.
  3. Select the database where Perfex CRM is installed
  4. Select table tblstaff
  5. Find your account (you can track it by the email field)
  6. In the password field paste the following hash: $P$Be1LVicdQJb9CwOg5WgEz6xnq8SCqT/

This is password 123123

Check also: Cant login to admin area?


Can you do customization?


Please be reasonable and dont open tickets and ask for customization. What you see in the demo is what comes with your purchase.
Test in the demo and if Perfex CRM fits for your requirements feel free to buy.

If you found some bugs feel free to report them via our support system and will be fixed.

Why i cant delete staff member?

Deleting staff member in Perfex CRM is not a feature.
If you need to delete it just set the staff member to inactive. In this case the staff member wont be able to login.

Lets back to the question Why i cant delete staff member?

Perfex CRM tracks each activity for each staff member inside the CRM like invoice changes, estimate changes, deleting data (Utilities->Activity log), changing data etc…so in this case ADMIn have all the necessary activity for each staff member.

The staff ID (from database) is used all over the admin area and if you delete the staff member an errors will occur.

Ex. sometime can happen some data (invoice,customer etc..) to be deleted/changed and you can easily track who did that change by going to Utilities->Activity Log

Cant login to admin area?

Sometimes buyers get confused with the login.
Perfex CRM admin area is separated from the customers area.

Often happen Perfex CRM buyers to get confused and trying to login as admin in the customers area.

Admins needs to login at
Customers login at

What is version upgrade special notes?

Version upgrade special notes are additional instructions how to upgrade from 1 version to another only if there is manual action needed.

You still need first to follow the procedural upgrade steps

Ex if we made any huge changes and there is need to do something manually will be added as version special notes.

Note: If no special notes for version you need to follow the procedural upgrade steps

Getting 500 Error

If you are getting 500 error you need to turn on the debug mode (see FAQ below) to see the error message. Follow the steps from this FAQ

Copy the error message and send us support ticket at

Cant upload file

If you cant upload file to any form try checking the permissions on the folder where you are trying to upload the file.

  1. Ex. if you are trying to upload file for contract you need to check the permissions to uploads/contract – set it to 777 .
  2. If you are trying to upload a logo, the logo is uploaded in uploads/company_uploads – set it to 777 .

Another problem can cause the upload_max_filesize and post_max_size. In the most hosting providers this is set to 2 MB. If you file is bigger the 2 mb check this option.
You can check/increase this option in cpanel or contact your hosting provider to check this for you and increase it.

How to obtain purchase key?

In order to get the purchase key of an item you need to follow the steps in the following link

How to report bug?

  • If you are buyer and found bug please open support ticket to get assisted
  • If you are testing on the demo and you havent bought Perfex CRM yet please send us an email at [email protected]

How to set debug mode?

To set debug mode you need to edit the main index.php file.
Navigate to the directory where Perfex CRM is installed and find index.php.

Open the file and find: define(‘ENVIRONMENT’, ‘production’);

Change this to: define(‘ENVIRONMENT’, ‘development’);

All errors will be displayed now.
Dont forget to turn it back when you finish with debugging.

Can i translate Perfex CRM?

Yes! You can translate Perfex CRM very easy. Follow the documentation instructions and translate in your own language.

What server requirements i need to use Perfex CRM?

Here is the requirements that Perfex CRM needs for working properly.

  • PHP 5.4+
  • MYSQL 5.1+
  • mod_rewrite Apache
  • Mcrypt Extension
  • MBString Extension
  • GD Extension
  • IMAP Extension
  • MYSQLi Extension
  • PDO Extension
  • OpenSSL Extension
  • Zip Extension
  • CURL Extension

In most hosting accounts these extensions are enabled by default. But you should check with your hosting provider.