When access /install i get redirected to the server IP address

If you are trying to install Perfex CRM and you get redirected to the server IP address means that you dont have setup BASE URL

Setup the base url for the installation by following the documentation article and try to access the installer again.

Does Perfex CRM works on Windows server?

Perfex CRM is not tested on Windows installation.

Its your responsibility for the results. If we/you find a way to achieve this this question will be updated.

UPDATE: Check this unofficial article

Page not found (Install/make) not found after uploading the files for installation

Make sure that you have mod_rewrite on on your hosting, even if you are trying to install on localhost you need mod_rewrite.

After ensuring that mod_rewrite is enabled and the error still exists check that the .htaccess file exists in the main folder where Perfex CRM is located.

If you are using Mac make sure that you have enabled hidden files to be visible to see the .htaccess.

Try re-uploading the .htaccess file again in the main Perfex CRM folder.


Internal server error after uploading the files

Make sure you are using at least 5.4 PHP Version.

Navigate to the folder where Perfex is located and find index.php file open it and find:

Change it to:

This turning development on will give us ability to see the errors.

Refresh the page so we can see the error.
Probably you will see:
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[‘ application/helpers/perfex_db_helper.php

If you see the unexpected ‘[‘ then this is the error for PHP Version.

If this is the error then you need to change your PHP Version at least to 5.4.
If you cant make it working dont hesitate to open ticket sending us the error message.

When you fix this turn back environment to production.
define(‘ENVIRONMENT’, ‘production’);

This error should not show anymore. If still exists dont hesitate to open support ticket